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Thank you for giving me part of my life back...My journey started 4 years ago, I developed an agonising, burning stabbing pain deep in my right side. through my GP I had physiotherapy, USG and I saw a back consultant and then a gynaecological consultant all with no benefit. Most days I cold hardly get out of bed, turning in the night was excruciating, I could not bend forwards. It not only affected me but also my partner as well. From my first appointment with you my life has changed you were informative and gave me a glimmer of hope that it would work.The injections I had ...was worth it for outcome I have had. There was an immediate effect.  I am now many months down the line and apart from the odd times my side hurts(no where near as before) I'm relatively pain free. My whole mood and persona has changed. Thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart. 

Posted on : 12 Sep, 2012
Posted by : MW, Wokingham
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