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Fibromyalgia is a chronic widespread pain condition where pain has been present in multiple areas of your body along with fatigue and tiredness, concentration problems and memory issues. Did you know that up to 2 to 5 percent of the UK population now are being diagnosed with fibromyalgia?

We have been seeing a large number of fibromyalgia patients. We have over time developed experience in looking after patients with fibromyalgia and more importantly an understanding what it is that can be done for this very difficult condition.

What is fibromyalgia and when can a pain consultant help?

Sometimes local GPs or healthcare professionals and even family members may not even be aware of or may not even want to acknowledge the existence of this condition.

Fibromyalgia, indeed is a very complex condition in which the nervous system behaves in a very erratic manner and it is associated with a huge number of other medical conditions that can make management of this difficult.

This is where a pain consultant with their expertise can make a big difference in the management of your fibromyalgia.

What treatment options are available?

We have access to a wide variety of other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists and psychologists who we work closely with. By understanding our fibromyalgia patients, we can understand the causes that may trigger this condition.

If we know the particular trigger that has happened in your case, we can develop a personalized and bespoke treatment strategy that could involve medications, simple interventions like lidocaine infusions and trigger point injections, nutrition, sleep strategies and mind body therapies.

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