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SIRPA’s approach involves an educational, evidence-based and self-empowering approach to help individuals identify and acknowledge the underlying causes of their chronic pain while also developing healthier neural pathways that allow a pain free, healthy life.

Our treatment approach focuses on four main areas: Education, Emotions, Behaviour and Lifestyle. All of these play a significant role in enabling individuals to become more stress resilient, emotionally aware and able to live a healthier, active life moving forwards.

SIRPA is also a training organisation and trains physical and mental health professionals and coaches to integrate SIRPA’s mindbody approach into their own work with clients. Many of SIRPA’s practitioners work online as well as from a physical clinic and most offer free discovery calls to answer any questions and help guide people to what might be best for them moving forwards. One to one appointments are available, plus some practitioners offer group work and have developed their own online resources.

You can find all current SIRPA-trained members on SIRPA’s Directory, HERE.

SIRPA™ also has an extensive online recovery programme which is educational and self-empowering, providing individuals with a wide range of information and evidence-based strategies. The aim is to help them understand how and why their pain developed and is persisting and to guide them to address the underlying causes of their pain, helping them regain their life as they start to feeler safer and the pain calms down.

To know more information about SIRPA, please visit SIRPA.

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