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  • K M
    Dr Ravindran is an excellent professional with in-depth knowledge. He managed to help me get back to leading a normal life after years of suffering with arthritis which was affecting my quality of life on day to day basis. Thank you Dr Ravindran.
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  • D D
    For a number of years now I have had the privilege of being under the care of Dr Ravindran and the team at The Spire, Dunedin Hospital.
    From the very first consultation with Dr Ravindran I knew I was in good care; he was attentive, patient, compassionate and, despite the fact that my conditio...
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  • C P
    I have suffered from Pain in my coccyx for the last couple of years. I was referred to Dr Ravindran at the Spire Dunedin Hospital. I found Dr Ravindran to listen to my issues and look at the whole body to see if anything was linked. It was refreshing to have someone take a holistic approach to treat...
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  • M W
    For a 30 year old, I have spent far more time in hospitals and doctors surgeries than most. I have been in constant pain for almost half a year now with no clear end in sight. I have never met a more competent and professional doctor than Dr. Ravindran. After my first consultancy I felt hopeful and ...
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  • SH, Henley
    Thank you so much for all your help during my in patient stay at the RBH. You and the whole pain team helped me so much throughout my stay! Without the acute pain team and yourself and all the attention you gave me, I honestly thought I would have lost my sanity. I would not have coped without your...
  • AM, Reading
    I would like to thank you for the success of this procedure, in particular the injection in my right buttock. Since then I have not had one instance of the pain running down my right leg or the numbness in my right foot which I had been experiencing beforehand, in addition to the pain in my back. T...
  • PN , Reading
    would like to express my sincere gratitude ....until I met you I was being passed from doctor to doctor without much explanation for my chronic pain condition nor understanding or an idea of how it should be dealt with. You have been instrumental in shining a ray of hope in what was becoming a very ...

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