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Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a common presentation in clinical practice and for clinicians and patients alike, it often means a lengthy and frustrating search for effective treatment.

We can offer the specialist expertise and care that breaks this cycle. When you refer your patients to Berkshire Pain Clinic, we will provide a thorough initial assessment by a highly experienced consultant in pain medicine, resulting in an appropriate treatment plan. We have access to physiotherapy and other complementary therapies locally or can refer you to services closer to you.

Pain conditions have psychosocial as well as physical aspects and we therefore take a holistic approach. Most patients benefit from a multi-modal pain management plan so we will usually recommend a combination of therapeutic interventions. This might include lifestyle changes, exercise, physiotherapy, spinal manipulation or psychological support, as well as interventional procedures where these are indicated. In addition, rationalising the patient’s pain medications is often a key element of the treatment plan, with the aim of maximising clinical benefit while minimising the risk of adverse events and dependency.



Before the first appointment, please ask your patient to complete our new patient form. It provides us with a complete picture of their past history, medication and any other comorbidities. Having this information to hand ensures that the first appointment can be focused on helping the patient with their pain.

A new patient appointment takes between 30 and 45 minutes and, as noted above, includes a full evaluation, assessment and treatment plan. Where suitable and necessary, some interventions can be offered on the spot, with follow up to ensure patient satisfaction.

Our aim is to keep the patient well informed at all times and we usually send the referring clinician our report, as well. Please feel free to contact any of our clinicians at any time before, during or after treatment if you would like to discuss your patient’s progress.

Treatment options

Treatment Options

We offer a full range of treatment options, which you can read about on our Treatment and Educational Videos pages.

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