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    For a number of years now I have had the privilege of being under the care of Dr Ravindran and the team at The Spire, Dunedin Hospital.
    From the very first consultation with Dr Ravindran I knew I was in good care; he was attentive, patient, compassionate and, despite the fact that my condition (Piriformis Syndrome) is uncommon, contentious and chronic, he was expertly knowledgeable in the pain management aspects of treatment.
    Perhaps just as crucially Dr Ravindran spoke with me as a human being and not a ‘case’, which helped greatly to put me at ease and offered tangible hope in dealing with my unusual condition. He allowed, and continues to accommodate, me and my partner to query matters and always offers candid responses.
    Numerous procedures over a number of years have since followed the initial consultation, progressively managing my pain to a remarkable degree. Dr Ravindran has conducted every procedure with care, conscientiousness and consideration. Following each procedure, and despite the fact he is clearly very busy, Dr Ravindran always makes the time for post-operative engagement and checks that I am OK.
    To say that I am grateful to be under his care is an understatement; Dr. Ravindran has truly given me, and my partner who cares for me, a leg to stand on.
    Thank you Dr Ravindran. You are a leg-end.

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