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British Pain Society. This website provides valuable information for patients with pain conditions, and details of various support groups, including guidance.

IASP, Action on pain, Back care, Fibromyalgia UK, Latest advances in Neuroscience

Pain concern website. It provides support for those with pain and their carers, and has factsheets and leaflets on different aspects of chronic pain and self-management. It also contains Airing Pain, a series of regular podcasts on living with pain, which can be downloaded for free. This is a valuable and recent resource sponsored by the New South Wales Government of Australia for their population. However the videos and content are quite easily generalizable for most populations.

Self help resources

  1. This is an excellent short video from Australia explaining some recent research based understanding of physiology and effects of pain through the medium of white board animation. Understanding pain
  2. Tedx Talks. This is an informative and highly entertaining talk from an eminent neuroscientist Lorimer mosely.
  3. Low back pain: Another very good video regarding low back pain causes. whiteboard animation
  4. Pain toolkit
  5. Pelvic Pain
  6. Pain CD/DVD ‘Living with Chronic Pain’ – Neil Berry. Information on various aspects of pain management, including sleep, goal-setting, medication and relaxation techniques. This is available to download for free at, or you can buy the CD from the same website.
  7. This is an alliance of charities formed in 2011 catering to the needs of people in pain.
  8. Books that have shown to be useful:

i.Burch, V. (2008). Living well with pain and illness: the mindful way to free yourself from suffering. London: Piatkus Books.

ii.Burch, V. (2013) Mindfulness for health: A practical Guide to relieving pain, reducing stress and restoring well being. London: Piatkus Books

iii.Butler, D., & Moseley, L. (2003). Explain pain. Adelaide, South Australia: Noigroup Publications.

iv.Fibromyalgia specific publications are:

  1. Managing Pain Before It Manages You by Caudill
  2. From Fatigued to Fantastic by Jacob Teitelbaum
  3. Figuring out Fibromyalgia by Ginevra Liptan
  4. Living with Fibromyalgia by Christine Craggs-Hinton
Testimonials From Our Pain-Free Patients
  • would like to express my sincere gratitude ....until I met you I was being passed from doctor to doctor without much explanation for my chronic pain c...

    PN , Reading
  • I would like to thank you for the success of this procedure, in particular the injection in my right buttock. Since then I have not had one instance o...

    AM, Reading
  • Thank you so much for all your help during my in patient stay at the RBH. You and the whole pain team helped me so much throughout my stay! Without th...

    SH, Henley