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  • Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Treatment

    Fibromyalgia Symptoms and Treatment “'Til it happens to you, you don't know how it feels, how it feels'Til it happens to you, you won't know it won't be realNo, it won't be real. Won't know

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  • Red hot chilli peppers and after shingles pain

    Red hot chilli peppers and after shingles pain Post herpetic neuralgia (after shingles pain) (PHN) is often a very difficult to manage neuropathic pain affecting up to 10% of the UK population. Age is very

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  • Chronic Postsurgical Pain

    CHRONIC POSTSURGICAL PAIN Chronic post surgical pain is defined as any pain that develops after a surgical procedure, lasts atleast 2 months in duration and other causes, including pre-exisiting pain, has been excluded. It is

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Testimonials From Our Pain-Free Patients
  • would like to express my sincere gratitude ....until I met you I was being passed from doctor to doctor without much explanation for my chronic pain c...

    PN , Reading
  • I would like to thank you for the success of this procedure, in particular the injection in my right buttock. Since then I have not had one instance o...

    AM, Reading
  • Thank you so much for all your help during my in patient stay at the RBH. You and the whole pain team helped me so much throughout my stay! Without th...

    SH, Henley